We are sad to say that the weather is causing issues for boats to join us for the Festival. Our section of the Leeds & Liverpool Canal is currently closed, and looks likely to stay that way until after the Festival.  You can find more information about closures and restrictions on the CRT website here.

Although we’d love boats to join us we know that the closed locks will stop lots of you getting to the Festival, and that for others the low water level might mean you feel it is safer to stay in your current mooring.  Any boater who wants to leave their decision to come to the last minute, is very welcome to just turn up.

The moorings at Finsley Gate Wharf are reserved for the Festival for a trip boat and for the performance boat carrying Opal’s Comet (read more about that on the What’s On page).  All other nearby mooring spots along the straight mile are available on a first come basis.

We don’t want to add any discouragement but we need to mention that the local CRT supervisor has advised that because of low water levels boaters will need to consider carefully where they moor and may even need gangplanks to safely egress from the boat.